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First Tap? First Coffee, On Us!


Yes, you've read that correctly. The moment you join our Squid Loyalty Programme, we're celebrating your savvy decision with a complimentary coffee. It’s our way of saying a hearty welcome to the Jitterbeans family!

Here’s How to Claim Your Brew:

Download the Squid App: No need to wait until you're home. As your coffee brews, grab your phone and find the Squid Loyalty App in your app store. Or click here!
Make the Magic Tap: At our counter, just tap your phone against the Squid tag. It’s that simple to bring a bit of magic to your day.
Savour Your Free Coffee: Not only will this tap earn you your very first loyalty stamp, but it also unlocks a delicious coffee, absolutely free.
And That's Just the Beginning...

Joining Squid doesn't just mean a free coffee to kick things off. It's your ticket to a world filled with exclusive perks, delightful discounts, and even more stamps for our other menu items like chopped salads!. Each purchase not only satisfies your taste buds but also gets you closer to unlocking more fantastic rewards.

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Jitterbeans are thrilled to have partnered with Squid Loyalty a way for us to show our appreciation for your continued loyalty over the past 21 years. 


Through Squid, you will earn a digital stamp for every coffee purchase you make with us and ultimately receive a free coffee.

Not only that, but Squid Loyalty will keep you in the loop as to special loyalty offers and promotions we are running through the app. 


Joining Squid Loyalty is simple and free, and the rewards are endless for all of Dungarvan's coffee lovers!

This Is How We Do It



It's simple!
Download the Squid App from the Google Play Store, or Apple Store.

Sign up while your waiting for your coffee, it only takes a minute!

Tap your phone to the Squid Tag after you purchase your coffee to collect a stamp on the loyalty card in your app.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register to Jitterbeans x Squid Rewards?
    Once you have downloaded the app, you will be prompted to register with your email address or through your Facebook account. You can register before or after you have earning a stamp when you tap instore.
  • How do I start collecting stamps?
    The process of collecting a SQUID stamp couldn’t be easier! 🦑 Firstly, the SQUID app downloaded on your phone before tapping the SQUID tag. The app can be found within the app store for both Apple and Android phones by searching for ‘SQUID’ and downloading the app with our logo. Tapping with the SQUID tag is only possible with NFC-technology. This is present on the majority of modern smartphones but must be enabled. The basic steps are as follows: Once the phone is close enough to the SQUID tag, stamps can easily be collected by tapping the phone off the SQUID tag. A notification will appear on screen saying ‘Stamp Added’, and will subsequently show the businesses loyalty card. You can collect your first stamp on SQUID without creating a SQUID account. This will allow you to download the SQUID app at the till, and tap right away. To collect your second stamp, you must create an account using an email address or Facebook account, this sign up process only takes 2 minutes! The process of tapping varies slightly for Android and iPhone. Android: You must place your phone over the SQUID tag in order for their stamp to be collected. Your phone will vibrate once when the tag is recognised and will then vibrate a second time when the stamp has been added to your wallet. The SQUID app does not need to be open in order for you to collect a SQUID tag. Once stamped, the app will automatically open. The SQUID app will only work on NFC-enabled phones (this may need to be approved through the phones settings). iPhone: You must open the app and press the ‘Add Stamp’ button on the ‘Scan’ tab, and then hold your phone over the SQUID tag in order to collect your stamp. Scanning only works on the iPhone 7 or newer versions of the phone. Bulky phone cases and phones with cards on the back of the case can cause difficulty scanning the SQUID tag. This is worth noting if you see a customer have an issue scanning. Successful tapping can be achieved on the back of the phone near the camera and also through the screen of the phone.
  • Do you offer other types of rewards?
    Yes! We will send you push notifications throught the Squid App whenever we have additional promotions and sweet deals to share with you. You can also sign up to our Jitterbeans newsletter to receive extra offers and promotions. You can find additional promotions in the Squid App section, Offers 🔖
  • How do I redeem my free coffee?
    The voucher will be stored in your wallet and your loyalty card will return to a blank card so that you can continue to collect stamps. You will be able to see any vouchers that you have in your wallet. The next time you tap the SQUID tag in store, you will be given the option to use the voucher or save it for later. If you choose to use the voucher there will be a moving animation of fireworks 🎆 Be careful when viewing the SQUID Reward that you do not redeem it until you are in-store, this action cannot be undone.
  • How many stamps do I need to collect before earning rewards?
    Tap our Squid Tag instore 8 times and you will receive your 9th coffee for free. You will receive a voucher to redeem your free coffee.
  • I collected a stamp while I was offline and it has not been added to my wallet since coming back online.
    SQUID Users can collect stamps without internet service however, stamps can take a little longer than usual to be added to your wallet. These “offline stamps” should be added to your SQUID wallet once internet connection is restored granted that the app was not force closed before. If these steps are followed and the stamps are not present once the internet connection is restored then refreshing the app usually resolves this problem.
  • All my stamps are gone
    It is possible that you may have created a new account instead of signing-in. It is also possible that you might have logged-in using a different method than you originally signed-up with. If your account was made using “Google” or “Facebook” or ‘Email” then this should be the correct method to return to your initial wallet and stamps. If you are certain that this is not the case, please email us at and we can resolve this issue.
  • I’ve bought a new phone and my stamps haven’t carried over from my old phone.
    Care should be taken when signing in to your SQUID Account. There is a possibility that you may have created a new account. We have multiple methods for logging in (Google, Apple, Email or Facebook). Please ensure that you log in using the same method as you did when you originally set up your SQUID account. If you have more than one email address, please make sure that you are signing in with the correct email address. When you log back in using the correct method, your stamps should be present in your wallet. Please contact if you have followed these steps and the issue has not been resolved.
  • I’m having trouble collecting stamps even when I’m connected to the internet.
    Please ensure that NFC is enabled on your phone or that your phone has the capability of using NFC technology. Further, the NFC Scanning Technology could be damaged. Bulky phone cases and having credit cards stored in the back of your phone can interfere with tapping.
  • The Squid Tag is not scanning for me
    This issue may vary depending on the phone model that you are using. With iPhones you need to press the ‘collect stamp’ button in order for the NFC scanner to be prompted. On Android phones you do not need to press a button before scanning the SQUID tag. Ensure that you have the NFC function enabled on your phone. Thick phone cases and holding credit cards at the back of your phone can interfere with tapping the SQUID tag.
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