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Jitterbeans is one of Dungarvan’s favourite family run delis. Our work has been greatly enriched over the past two decades by the town's students. Feeding them fuel for their afternoon of learning, through healthy salads, wholesome pasta pots and of course, the infamous chicken roll!

We have been blessed with the support of Dungarvan's students and their families, over the many years, supporting us consistently throughout the many menu changes, shop redesigns, and even a pandemic! These are just some of the reasons why we have dedicated a whole new service to selected schools in Dungarvan, including preferential prices for students and free delivery right to the school. 

We're here to take the hassle out of your student's valuable lunch break. No more time wasted queuing, your lunch is ready and waiting for you right when the bell rings.

Parents, we're here to help! Allow us to remove the hassle of planning school lunches ideas for the week. Our innovative student web shop offers delicious and nutritious healthy lunch options for a minimal price. Allergen information is readily available for each individual option on the menu, removing the stress of worrying about dietary requirements! With the simple click of a button, lunch ideas are solved, and you can even pre-order your choices for the week ahead of time!


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Student Menu

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It is easy and affordable to participate in our School Lunch Program. We use high quality foods, fresh veggies and fruits to prepare simple but tasty lunches.  Wholesome ingredients to prepare classic comfort foods is our specialty. We receive fresh deliveries from local bakeries, roast our meats slowly, and pack as much fresh fruits and vegetables as we can into every meal. It is our mission to provide a healthy and tasty meal the students will enjoy and parents can rely on.


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